Drawing Up Plans for a Property Extension in Northumberland

Architect advice for extending your home in Northumberland

If you are living in or around Newcastle upon Tyne and looking to create more space and add value to your home without the hassle of moving, then a house extension could be the perfect solution. Learn about the different types of home extensions available, as well as their costs and benefits.

Convert Loft Space

Converting loft/attic space into an extra bedroom (or two!) is an increasingly popular way to create additional usable space, as well offering great returns on investment. Loft conversion projects tend to be one of the most cost-effective ways of extending your Newcastle upon Tyne home, with works generally starting from around £30,000. An attic bedroom typically adds up to 30% to the value of your property – so a good return for your money!

Add a Ground Floor Extension

Adding more space to your home by extending the ground floor is also an interesting option. This type of extension requires digging out some part of the back garden in order to create a much bigger living space available from ground floor level, making it very useful for creating an open plan kitchen living and dining room, maybe a new bedroom for when parents come to stay with ground floor bathroom/shower room or maybe an office. Costs are typically upwards of £30,000 depending on the design size, glazing, and finishing touches, Double or triple glazed windows, a solid roof structure and super insulated walls help minimise energy consumption costs too. This kind of extension is highly recommended for homeowners who have a sizeable garden area they are willing to lose, and maybe a small family.

Side extensions, single or two storey extensions,

Extending to the side over one or two floors can provide excellent new space for your home this type of extension can be built on top of an existing single Storey garage or to the side of the property where there is currently just access. Two Storey side extensions on the ground floor often contain office space utility rooms downstairs wc’s work can be incorporated into a more open plan feel for the rear of the property. To the first floor often bedrooms and additional shower rooms are created within this type of extension. There are lots of properties in Newcastle and N Tyneside that can benefit from this type of extension and acre design would be happy to help you understand your options.

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