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A full architectural service from concept to completion

  • Beautiful open plan living for the whole family to enjoy
  • Master suite design, live in hotel luxury every day
  • Refurbish and extend your home, with everything done for you

Are you eager to expand your home and create a space you can truly take pride in, but unsure of where to begin with your first home extension project?

You may be feeling apprehensive (or terrified) because you don’t want to spend a fortune on a design that doesnt meet with your vision for your family or come in on budget. On top of that, you’re concerned that during construction, unexpected extra costs arise, blowing your budget, and adding to the stress of it all. If you lack construction experience, lead a busy life, and can’t oversee the project while living amidst the chaos, we understand your concerns.

Informed Choices

See multiple floorplan options, and initial moodboards, with cost estimates so you can make informed decisions all before committing to an expensive design phase.

Complete Support

Not just design and approvals, we have a proven process for taking your project from concept to completion.

Visual Clarity

Our 3D designs mean you know exactly what your home will look like when it’s finished, important if you struggle to read 2D plans.

Would recommend to anyone needing plans drawn. Alistair and his team have been very good throughout. Their experience and expertise meant that they managed to design exactly what we wanted, all within building regulations. We got a lawful planning certificate straight away. All plans were done very quickly, and all our questions or request were answered straight away. Will use them again if ever I need more plans drawn.

Michael Bouvier

Safety and precision in every project

At Acre Design, safety and practicality define our construction work. Our professionals prioritise your needs, delivering reliable and effective services that endure, ensuring your project’s success and your peace of mind.

  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Latest 3D software
  • Specialists in residential design and project management
  • Proven process to take you from now, to completion
  • Low cost exploration investment option before committing further
  • Price certainty with quantity surveyor cost assessment BEFORE we go in for planning
  • Full tender administration, ensuring competitive pricing
  • Designs tailored to your taste and budget
  • 15 vetted contractors across the North East – leverage our trusted supplier relationships (they won’t bite the hand that feeds them!)
  • Efficient Project Oversight: Bi-weekly site visits, progress reports, quality checks, and streamlined payment management on your behalf.
  • With you every step of the way, if that’s what you want or need
  • Design and approval only option
  • Over 900 projects completed
  • Incredibly detailed technical plans
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Frequently Asked Questions

On average you should budget between 3-15% of your construction build costs for design fees using Acre Design, this includes structural calculations (if required) and any necessary Council fees. Key factors affecting the fee proposal are:

  • Level of service, we offer 3 levels of service, so for design and approvals only, the cost is less than the full project management option
  • We are required to measure the existing home, so the bigger the house, the more time it will take;
  • The complexity of the existing house. A small bungalow takes less time to draw on our 3D software than a mansion for example
  • The scope of the works. The larger the project the more time it will take to complete the proposals and technical design;
  • The complexity of the proposals. If you are looking for a cantilever balcony from a zinc clad dormer window this takes longer than a simple detached garage, for example; and
  • Planning requirements. For example, a project in a conservation area will need a Heritage Statement and Design and Access Statement to be submitted with your planning application; whereas some projects may not require any planning permission at all.

Planning regulations primarily focus on the land use, aesthetics, and broader community impact of a construction project. Building regulations, on the other hand, ensure the structural and safety aspects of a building meet specific standards and codes. Planning deals with what and where you can build, while building regulations deal with how you can build it safely.

As little as possible, with our process, all the decisions have been made long before construction starts. If an unforeseeable issue arises, we will be onsite, and come to you with a solution. But generally, the contractor should follow the plans (we will be checking) and works should move on without much involvement from you.

Its very difficult to say as each project is different and some authorities take longer. For a straightforward project the design phase will take around 4-6 weeks, and the approvals will take 8 followings that. Once the approvals have been gained, you can wait anywhere from 3-12 months for a contractor depending on time of year.

Abraham Lincoln one said ‘if you give me a day to cut down a tree, ill spend the first 23 hours sharpening the axe. A thorough design process will save you thousands onsite, and create a home that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Some of the ways we do this

Clients may pay more for architectural plans because:

  1. Expertise: Experienced architects bring design expertise and creativity to optimize the project’s functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency.
  2. Problem-Solving Architects can foresee and address design challenges, potentially saving money on costly modifications later.
  3. Compliance: Professional architects ensure plans meet local building codes and regulations, reducing the risk of costly legal issues or delays.
  4. Value Addition: A well-designed project can increase property value, often exceeding the additional design costs.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Architects can incorporate sustainable design features, potentially lowering long-term operating costs.
  6. Customization: Tailored plans fulfill the client’s unique needs and vision, enhancing their satisfaction with the end result.
  7. Quality Control: Architects can oversee construction, ensuring the project adheres to the intended design and quality standards.
  8. Resale Value: A professionally designed space can be more attractive to future buyers, potentially justifying the higher initial investment.
  9. Reduced Stress:Architects manage the design process, alleviating the client’s stress and ensuring a smoother project overall.

In summary, paying more for architectural plans often leads to a well-designed, compliant, and valuable project, with long-term benefits that will outweigh the initial costs.

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