Hi, welcome! No its cool, you can leave your shoes on, the place is still a bit of a building site 😊

Thanks for opening this short message. My aim is to provide some light, home extension based, relief to your day.

Got anything nice planned for the weekend? The weather forecast looks ok, if still a little cold for this time of year.

Audience think ‘Ok goodness, the weather, is this honestly what Alistair has resorted to on this first weekly email he is sending?!’

Alistair thinks ‘Oh goodness, the weather, you had better turn this around into something vaguely interesting else they will unsubscribe!’

Bear with me…. I had my extension built last year, we replaced a conservatory with a slightly wider extension and opened it up to the kitchen. Our house is an ex local authority 1950’s number up in Dinnington, and we love the areas, don’t want to move, but with two young kids it was getting very tight.

What does this have to do with the weather? I am getting there I promise.  We love the space its great, its not fancy, no zinc or large pieces of glass here, just a cost effective, well designed (you’d hope so wouldn’t you!) functional space.

So, when I look at the weekend weather – which I do often cause I love my bicycling – and it looks to be sunny, I’m happy. I can plan to tire out the rugrats in park, tire myself out in the Northumberland hills, hit the amazing beaches we have, or play in the garden.

And when it look bad, all horrid and windy or wet, you know dreich as we scots say, well now, I’m kinda delighted! The house has some space now, a bit of elbow room, a big room where we can all hang out in comfort. I can cook (another passion) and watch the kids play. We can get all the toys out and invent games without feeling like the walls are closing in. All previous small home anxiety has been released. It’s a place we are all happy to be in. To be absolutely honest, we can’t quite believe we live there, still, nearing a year on.

The extension has nullified the weather, whatever it is, sun or snow, we, as a family are going to be happy. That’s week in, week out, year in year out. Honestly, its really magical. If you’ve extended, you know that right? If you haven’t, then now is the time to start planning. This year is pretty much booked out for builders, but starting now on the design phase will get your extension finished for next summer, and then, if it’s a wash out, it will no longer matter (quite as much as it did).

If you’ve read this, please may I ask a quick favour. Can you just fill out the form below, it will take two seconds. I’m keen to know if you’ve extended already or still thinking about it.

Best regards, and I hope you have a joyful weekend whatever the weather.