Budget Friendly Extension Ideas

Home Extension Budget Saving Ideas

Extending your home is a great way to add space if you’re feeling cramped. It also allows you to create bold entertaining areas and even increase the value of your property. Whether you choose a rear extension, side extension, loft conversion or a sunroom, these ideas will help you to maximise your home’s potential.

Before deciding on your home extension idea, you should familiarise yourself with planning permission – something our experienced team can advise you on from your free initial consultation. Deciding on a budget is essential and enables our designers to get you the most for your buck. Once you’ve got a rough idea, it’s time to explore the world of home extensions. We’ve created this list to help you find the inspiration you need to create your dream home.

A Loft Conversion

Expanding out isn’t always an option so using your roof space could be the right option for you. As well as giving a great return on investment, loft conversions also create interesting, quirky spaces for bedrooms, en-suites, studies or games rooms. Installing skylights in these spaces creates a beautiful flood of light from the angled roof, while also opening up the space. Natural light is perfect for these types of spaces and reduces the need for as many lighting installations in the build.

Often avoiding planning permission, loft conversions are considered minor constructions – we can advise you on this from your free initial consultation.


A Cellar Basement Conversion

Again, if extending out isn’t an option for you using the downstairs space available could be the key to creating your dream space. Basement conversions can really add another dimension to your home with minimal disruption to your home-life. A great design solution to enable natural light in an otherwise dark, gloomy area is to use a cleverly placed lightwell, you can really bring these spaces to life with light pouring in from above. We can advise you on many other strategies to make the most of your basement/cellar space at a free initial consultation with one of our experienced designers.

A Rear Extension

One of our most popular extension choices, rear extensions are becoming increasingly common in the UK for a number of great reasons. Placed in the sanctuary of your own property, a rear extension affords privacy and doesn’t often impede your neighbour’s view – causing a very amicable build process. You can work with our designers to choose to be bold or understated – depending upon your personal preference. From low-pitch extensions that match your home to contemporary steel, wood, and concrete extensions that create a striking perspective; the possibilities are endless and truly exciting. Adding value to your home while creating space for precious family memories, the rear extension is a real winner. At Acre, we love designing these as they can take so many different forms – we can really create a space tailored to you.


Our design for a run-down house in Rowlands Gill is a perfect example of how you can add space while also creating a beautiful looking home. We included a modern living space and master suite with balcony views over the Derwent Valley… stunning.

A Side Extension


A lot of period terrace homeowners end up scratching their heads when looking for ways to increase their living space. Luckily, the answer is often right under their nose with a side extension – the perfect way to expand. Whether you decide upon a single or two storey extension, we design side extensions that really compliment your existing home. This video of a complete side extension in North Shields demonstrates how easy it can be to gain so much additional space…

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